Original Berliner Currywurst at Nante-Eck Unter den Linden

The Berliner Currywurst – the tasty original!

The Berliner delicacy – served with a fine sauce from a traditional Berliner recipe and freshly prepared – attracted people ever since.

The Currywurst belongs to Berlin as the Big Ben to London or the Eiffel Tower to Paris. „Gehste inne Stadt, watt macht Dich da satt? Ne Currywurst!“ has Herbert Grönemeyer sung in the 80’s. He meant our original for sure!

In our Nante Eck this huge Berliner Currywurst is served with potato cucumber salad – a snack, that can very well pass as a full meal. With a refined sauce and from an historical recipe, the Currywurst as a Berliner delicacy lured the city’s inhabitants to the restaurants long before Kebab and Burgers did here in Berlin. Some season it, other swear by its original taste. We welcome you to try the Berliner Currywurst the way you like and are very happy to see all our guests spreading the word for this Berliner original.