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Berliner Weisse im Nante Eck in Berlin Mitte | Altberliner Restaurant in Berlins Mitte Unter den Linden

Berliner Weisse – the Berliner’s drink!

The ideal drink for hot days and in-between. Taste this Berliner original with raspberry- or woodruff-flavor.

Long before the Pils became popular Berlin’s people drank their „Weisse“ with flavor or pure. At times there have been around 700 white-beer-pubs in the city. Do not confuse the „Berliner Weisse“ with the Bavarian wheat beer – the „Weisse“ has its roots in Berlin. The „Berliner Weisse“ is a top-fermented beer with a low percentage of alcohol. It is ideal for hot days!

Nowadays this Berliner original is often drunk with raspberry- or woodruff-flavor. In proper style it is served in a globet and a great whitecap. Some people swear by drinking the „Weisse“ with „Strippe“ (= strip), which means to drink it with a herb liquor. You may want to try the „Berliner Weisse“ as „Fliegender Holländer“ (Flying Dutchman) with Apricot liquor or as „Special“ with red wine and a dash of lemon as well.

Here at the Nante Eck we have got them all – enjoy!

Glass 0,33 l 3,20 €