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Breakfast, strolling and holiday mood at Unter den Linden

Enjoy your breakfast while you can watch the hustle and bustle around Unter den Linden.

It is the Berliner’s tradition to stop for breakfast after a walk at Unter den Linden. Enjoy our balanced breakfast here at Nante Eck directly at the corner Friedrichstraße / Unter den Linden, as the slogan goes: In the morning eat like an emperor.

We serve you a great variety of menus from 9 to 12 o clock a.m. From sweet to spicy like the „Fischer Fritze Frühstück“ with scrambled eggs and north sea shrimps we offer you nearly everything. Relax and eat outside on our sun terrace from April to October.

From there you can easily watch the hustle and bustle of one of Berlin’s pomp boulevards.


Breakfast menu


Sweet breakfast
2 Croissants with butter, honey, marmalade and cooked egg
7,00 €


Egg breakfast
Scrambled eggs with bacon cubes and onions, comes with butter and freshly baked rolls OR scrambled eggs with fresh leek, tomatoes, butter and freshly baked rolls
6,80 €


Great breakfast
with minced meat, Schwarzwälder ham, spicy salami, mountain cheese and fresh herbal cheese, comes with a cooked egg, butter and fresh roll
9,50 €


Allerlei Käse
fresh curd with camembert and pepper, marinated sheep cheese, Appenzeller, red and white grapes, butter and fresh rolls
8,00 €


Zille’s Breakfast
Farmer’s breakfast – omelet with onions, bacon and fried potatoes, with gherkins
8,50 €


Schwarzwälder ham on fresh brown bread and two fried eggs
7,00 €


Fischer`s Fritze
Easy herbal scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, creamed horseradish, fresh land bread and butter
9,50 €


Wat janz jesundet
Natural yoghurt with fruits of the season
4,50 €


Crispy breakfast
Fruity muesli with mango and natural yoghurt
4,80 €