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Original Berliner Currywurst at Nante-Eck Unter den Linden

Berliner Specialties

Berliner Riesencurrywurst
The typical “Berliner Snack”! The huge Currywurst comes with our homemade potato & cucumber salad
11,20 €

Charlottenburger Wurschtparade
Berliner Bockwurst made of pork, good and solid Schinkenknacker and barbecue sausage with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
14,50 €

Jefüllte Bolle
Fresh Hackepeter (raw minced-meat) with egg, onions and homemade bread
8,50 €

A pot of lard with homemade bread and gherkins
5,50 €

Spreewälder Gurkentopp
Gherkins pickled with mustard seed and garlic in a pot
4,50 €

Brotzeit a la Vater Zille
three sausages from the Berlin butcher, cold sliced meatball,smoked ham,  alpine cheese, Harzer cheese, herbal and cheese dip,gherkins, butter and bread
14,50 €

jellied meat of pork with remoulade and fried potatoes
12,00 €

Berliner Bouletten
comes with bacon beans and crispy fried potatoes
14,50 €

good and solid pork goulash with Semmelknödeln (bread dumpling), comes with coleslaw
14,50 €

Berliner Schinkeneisbein
comes with sauerkraut mit Sauerkohl, homemade pease pudding and potatoes
15,90 €

Berliner calf’s liver with port wine sauce
comes with apple-onion rings and pureed potatoes
16,90 €