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Apfelstrudel and other classical desserts at Restaurant Nante-Eck in Berlin


Our own confectionery provide you with freshly baked cakes and pies every day. In addition your can select from freshly brewed coffee and tea specialties.

Ice cream and desserts

All ice cream is fresh and homemade.


Chocolate-and hazelnut ice cream with amarettinis, Amaretto liquere, whipped cream and caramel Sauce
6,90 €

Hazelnut, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, nut liquor, whipped cream, brittle and nuts
6,90 €

Banana Boat
Vanilla, chocolate and banana ice cream with banana pieces, whipped cream and chocolate Sauce
6,50 €

Fruit Dream
Vanilla, strawberry and banana ice cream with grapes, banana, mango and kiwi, whipped cream ,chopped pistachios and kiwi topping
7,90 €

Rote Lola
Yoghurt- and cherry  ice cream comes with red berry red fruit jelly, whipped cream and forest berries
6,50 €

Chocolate Love
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream with egg liqueur, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and almond splitters
6,90 €


Ice coffee / Ice chocolate
Vanilla ice cream with coffee or drinking chocolate with whipped cream
4,50 €


Warm apple strudel
with vanilla sauce and a dash whipped cream
 4,50 €

Egg pancakes
with red berry red fruit jelly and vanilla ice cream, coated with forest berry sauce and almond splitters
6,90 €