Innenraum Berliner Restaurant Nante Eck

Main Courses

Vegetarian lasagna
comes with leaf spinach and sheep cheese and fruity tomato sauce
8,50 €

with mushroom (porcini) stuffing, comes with tomato salsa and rocket salad
9,90 €

Speared prawns
King prawns with leaf spinach, comes with gold-brown fried potatoes and mango dip
10,50 €

Trout “Müllerin Art”
comes with melted butter finely chopped parsley and potatoes
12,50 €

Spreewälder Gourmet Fish Pan
juicy pieces of salmon- and zander, crayfish tails, comes with savory mustard sauce and spaghetti
13,90 €

Wiener Schnitzel
with good and solid fried potatoes and fresh salad
18,50 €

Crispy knuckle of pork with brown beer sauce
with Sauerkraut and bread dumplings
13,90 €

with fresh mushrooms, onions and potatoes in the bowl with herbal salt
20,50 €

Nantes filet pot
stripes of pork with mushrooms, onions and mashed potatoes
13,50 €

Preussischer Landsknechtspieß
loin from pork with spicy pepper and fried potatoes
13,90 €

1/2 crispy baked farmer’s duck
with red cabbage and potato dumplings
15,50 €

Gratinated chicken breast
with smoked ham and spicy cheese, comes with tomato sauce and pasta
12,50 €

Zilles Schlachteplatte
juicy Kassler, blood sausage and liver sausage, comes with Sauerkraut and potatoes
11,90 €