Salads at Restaurant Nante-Eck in Berlin-Mitte

Soups and Salads

Havelländer shrimp soup
shrimp soup with fresh cress
4,70 €

Berliner potato soup
Potato soup with porcino, ham bacon and chopped leek
4,50 €

Pureed tomato soup
fruity seasoned with orange filets
4,50 €

Kleines Salatallerlei
with fresh leaf salads, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion rings and marinated sheep cheese
5,90 €

Crisp salad with parma ham
with rocket salad and Friseè-salad, cherry tomatoes, walnut dressing and flakes of parmesan
10,90 €

Nantes salad plate
with roasted chicken stripes and toasted almond splitter, comes with various salads, tomatoes, cucumber and pepper, comes with balsamico dressing
10,90 €