Gastraum Innenansicht | Restaurant Nante Eck in Berlin Mitte

Group trips to Berlin in the Golden Twenties

Rich and original Berliner fares, excellent service and the brilliant ambience of the 1920’s make the Nante Eck to one of the sights in Berlin’s center.

We have specific booking offers and menu recommendations for travel operators. Please feel free to contact us directly by telephone or via our contact form.


The Nante Eck – the perfect partner for group trips to Berlin

Let your visitors enjoy original Berliner fares in the ambience of the 1920’s.

If you want to get to know Germany’s capital city, you should definitely taste its tradition-conscious cuisine. For this, the Nante Eck directly at the pomp boulevard Unter den Linden is the perfect restaurant for group trips. While your guests are enjoying the typical Berliner specialties, they easily can let themselves fall into the classy atmosphere of the Nante Eck’s Golden Twenties’ ambience.

With our 90 seats (plus 65 more at our sun terrace under good weather conditions) we are providing more than enough space even for bigger travel groups. With a prior arrangement the serving will be made fluently and without any longer delay. Whether you bring your club’s members, your big band or your company’s colleagues to Berlin – make a stop in the Nante Eck. You will be more than satisfied.

Our menus

Menü 1 “Charlottenburger Wurschtparade”
cream of pea soup with fresh cress
pork knuckle sausage, smoked sausage and grilled sausage with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
chocolate mousse with cherries

Menü 2 “Nantes Leibgericht”
mixed fresh salad and marinated feta cheese
Berlin meatballs with green beans and fried potatoes
warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce

Menü 3 “Schnitzelei”
potato soup
pork escalope with cauliflower , bread butter and parsley potatoes
baked apple fritters

Menü 4 “ Stralauer Fischzug”
cauliflower soup
baked salmon fillet with tomato-herb crust, oven vegetables, lemon butter sauce
and buttered potatoes
original Berlin special cake with jam filling

Menü 5 “Bierkutscherschmaus”
tomato bazil soup
roasted sour beef in raisin sauce, with red cabbage and potato dumplings
chocolate cake on mashed berries

Menü 6 “vom zahmen Geflügel”
spinach coconat soup
roasted chicken breast with stewed tomatoes, creamed herb sauce and baked potatoes
lemon cream

Menü 7 “Berliner Luft”
corn salad with mango, fried pumpernickel and raspberry vinaigrette
medallions of pork fillet with mushrooms in mustard cream, almond broccoli and spaetzle
berry jelly with vanilla sauce

Menü 8 “Preussisches Gelage”
clear root soup with mushrooms and fresh herbs
roasted suckling pig with black beer sauce, sauerkraut and breaded dumpling
cheese cream with berries

Menü 9 “Festtagsschmaus”
This menu can be booked from 15 persons and the components may not be used in other menus.
carrot-ginger cream soup with chorizo
delicate Ox cheeks braised in Pinot Noir, with green beans with bacon and celeriac puree
fine vanilla cream with Fruits and caramelized walnuts

Menü 10 “Nicht Fisch noch Fleisch “ / Vegetarian
tomato bazil soup
vegetarian lasagne with spinach and feta cheese
ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, on herb sauce
berry jelly with vanilla sauce