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From “Eckensteher Nante” to Heinrich Zille – Berliner history comes to life in the Nante Eck

Learn more about the Berliner Originals while enjoying traditional fares in the Nante Eck in Unter den Linden.

The historically well-known “Eckensteher Nante” was a casual worker, who lived in a quarter nearby the pomp boulevard Unter den Linden in the middle of the 19th century. His jaunty sayings became first popular, then legendary in German literature – along with the jingling milkman Carl Bolle and painter Heinrich Zille.

„Det Morgens, wenn mir hungern tut, / ess ick ne Butterstulle, / dazu schmeckt mir der Kümmel jut / aus meine volle Pulle“ – is what “Eckensteher Nante” is supposed to have said once when he was hungry. Visit us and learn more about the Berliner Originals while enjoying a Berliner Stulle here in the Nante Eck at the corner between Friedrichstraße / Unter den Linden. We are looking forward to your visit!