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Original specialties and traditional Berliner fares – welcome to the Nante Eck!

You want to enjoy a tasty knuckle of pork or a typical Berliner Boulette as well as a Schmalzstulle? The Nante Eck offers you freshly prepared and cooked fares from traditional Berliner recipes for every taste and for every budget.

Come around and satisfy your hunger with our classic and tradition-conscious food. The Nante Eck and the corner between Unter den Linden / Friedrichstraße waits for you with best traditional fares. We provide a large assortment from good and solid fare like knuckle of pork, calf’s liver, Bouletten and goulash to soups, tarte flambée and the Berliner Schmalzstulle. Always freshly prepared and with tasty side dishes – always a benefit.

Our preparation kind is always careful and does not lie hard in the stomach. Tender flesh and refined sauces make our Berliner specialties easily digestible. We warmly welcome you to exclusively feast in the Nante Eck before you roam over the historical pomp boulevard Unter den Linden. Enjoy our Berliner specialties and traditional Berliner fares. We are looking forward to your visit!