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Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • How many people can you accommodate in your restaurant?
    We have space for up to 90 people indoors and up to 60 people outdoors.
  • What type of cuisine do you offer?
    We offer German cuisine at moderate prices. You can find our current menu on our website: Menu
  • Do you offer group reservations?
    Yes, we accept reservations for groups of up to 25 people.
  • Do you accept tips for large groups?
    For groups of 10 or more people, a 10% tip is charged. Please note our reduced menu for groups of 11 or more people. You can find this on our website: Groups
  • Is your restaurant barrier-free?
    Yes, our restaurant is barrier-free and has a disabled toilet.
  • Until what time do you serve hot meals?
    Our hot kitchen is open until 10 p.m.
  • Do you offer vegetarian options?
    Yes, we have a selection of vegetarian dishes on our menu. You can find our current menu on our website: Menu
  • Do you have a selection of desserts?
    Yes, we have an ice cream menu as well as desserts with a variety of delicious desserts. You can find our current menu on our website: Menu
  • Do you also offer gluten-free options?
    Yes, we also offer gluten-free options upon request.
  • Is there parking near your restaurant?
    Yes, there is parking near our restaurant, but we recommend arriving early to find a parking space.
  • Do you offer private events or celebrations?
    Unfortunately, we do not currently offer separate rooms for private events or celebrations. However, our guests can make group reservations for up to 25 people and our team will do their best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
  • Are there special offers for children?
    Yes, we have a children's menu with child-friendly dishes at affordable prices. You can find our current menu on our website: Menu
  • Do you offer a delivery service?
    We currently do not offer a delivery service.
  • Are dogs allowed in your restaurant?
    Yes, dogs are allowed in our restaurant.
  • Is there a happy hour or special offers?
    No, we do not have happy hour offers. Please ask our service staff for seasonal highlights.
  • Do you offer seasonal specialties?
    Yes, we regularly offer seasonal specialties, such as an asparagus menu in spring or a festive Christmas menu with duck and other traditional dishes.
  • Is there a possibility to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries at your place?
    Although we do not have separate rooms for private events, we are happy to welcome special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries in our restaurant. For requests for 11 people or more, please use our group reservation form at: Groups
  • Do you offer catering services?
    We do not currently offer a catering service, but you are welcome to reserve a table in our restaurant or make group reservations. Please note our maximum stay of 2 hours.
  • Do you have a selection of wines and alcoholic beverages?
    Yes, we have an extensive selection of wines and alcoholic beverages that go perfectly with our dishes. You can find the current drinks offer on our website: Beverages
  • Do you offer breakfast, lunch and dinner?
    No, we do not serve breakfast. We serve lunch and dinner during our restaurant opening hours.
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