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About Us

From corner stander Nante to father Zille
Berlin's history comes alive in the Nante Eck!

Meet Eckensteher Nante and other Berlin originals

Learn more about the Berliner Originals while enjoying traditional fares in the Nante Eck in Unter den Linden.

The historically well-known “Eckensteher Nante” was a casual worker, who lived in a quarter nearby the pomp boulevard Unter den Linden in the middle of the 19th century. His jaunty sayings became first popular, then legendary in German literature – along with the jingling milkman Carl Bolle and painter Heinrich Zille.

„Det Morgens, wenn mir hungern tut, / ess ick ne Butterstulle, / dazu schmeckt mir der Kümmel jut / aus meine volle Pulle“ – is what “Eckensteher Nante” is supposed to have said once when he was hungry. Visit us and learn more about the Berliner Originals while enjoying a Berliner Stulle here in the Nante Eck at the corner between Friedrichstraße / Unter den Linden. We are looking forward to your visit!

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